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Ways You Can Donate

Your Tax Dollars, Your Choice, Our Community

At Flagstaff Tax Credit, we believe in giving you the power to direct your tax dollars where they matter most—right here in our community. Learn how you can make a significant impact on local causes by specifically designating your tax credits.

What are Tax Credits?

Understand the potential of redirecting your Arizona state tax dollars to support causes you care about. Tax credits empower you to choose where your tax dollars go, making a direct and positive impact on Flagstaff and its residents.

Learn More About The Eligible Organizations

For every $1 you donate, you can get $1 back thanks to the dollar-for-dollar AZ Charitable Tax Credit. Learn more about each of the eligible organizations below: 

How Can This Help You?

​The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit allowing you to donate to Qualified Charitable Organizations  (QCO), and claim a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit of up to $841 if married filing jointly, or $421 if filing individually! You can claim this tax credit in addition to the Arizona Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit (see below) and the school tax credits.​

You can receive this dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state income tax return while helping needy families in our Flagstaff community - at no additional cost to you. Your gift goes to work right away in your community, providing services through eligible organizations of your choice.

Why Direct Your Tax Credits Locally?

  • Community Connection: Choose causes that resonate with you and make a personal connection to the community you call home.

  • Transparent Impact: See the direct results of your contribution in local programs, schools, and initiatives.

  • Tailored Giving: Customize your giving experience by selecting causes that align with your values and priorities.


Ways to Donate


To make an online donation eligible for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, click below to be redirected to our secure giving page through the Arizona Community Foundation's website (our Fiscal Sponsor). Select "Jointly" or "Individual" based on your state tax filing plans.

Click below to download a printable donation form. Follow the included directions to mail your donation to the charitable organization of your choice!​

To make an online donation to Catholic Charities, eligible for the AZ Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit, click below to be redirected.

Over the Phone

As the fiscal sponsor for the Flagstaff Tax Credit Coalition, the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff can assist with donations made by phone during office hours. Call 928-440-6192 for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how to direct your tax credits or want more information on the impact your donation can make? 


Contact Us

For personalized assistance or additional information, reach out to us at or call 928-440-6192.

Thank you for choosing to empower Flagstaff through targeted giving! Your commitment makes a direct and lasting difference in our community.

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