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Helping homeless survivors of domestic violence and their children on their journey out of violence and poverty and into economic independence, safety, health, and self-sufficiency.


Sharon Manor is for survivors of domestic violence and their children experiencing homelessness.

Sharon Manor is longer-term, supportive, and affordable housing (up to 2 years), and is not a shelter.

Sharon Manor residents engage in comprehensive, one-on-one case management and group trainings as they work to rebuild their lives.

Since opening, Sharon Manor has helped more than 1,140 victims and their children transition to self-reliance through its holistic program.

The demand for Sharon Manor is great. We currently have a wait list of families in need of housing and supportive services.

We need volunteers to help with our ongoing children's program. Email Sharon Manor’s Children's Program coordinator today to learn more:

Victoria's Story

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Program Details

Sharon Manor combines safe, decent, and affordable housing with critical one-on-one support to help families impacted by violence to take life-changing steps toward self-reliance.


Adult Services

Sharon Manor residents receive wrap-around case management services to identify and achieve goals. Our case manager meets weekly with residents helping them to accomplish self-identified goals, such as increasing household income, building self-esteem, budgeting, continuing education, sobriety, improving parenting skills, etc. Residents in the program also spend at least 20 hours a week working or continuing their education. In addition to case management services, residents attend workshops, classes and group meetings focused on financial planning, continuing their education, employment, social and personal development and healing, and stable housing.


Children Services

While staff and volunteers provide support, guidance, counseling, and training to residents at Sharon Manor, we can’t forget the small

survivors– the children whose lives have been forever changed by the violence and fear in their past. That’s why our Children’s Program at Sharon Manor is so vital – to the children, to the families we serve, and to the community. Children in the program meet weekly and learn about effective communication, anger management, and appropriate behaviors. Through art and healthy relationship building, they begin to heal from the abuse, neglect and pain they’ve experienced – and they work to build healthier lives.


Sharon Manor has a capacity to house up to 24 families. We have an 8 unit communal living complex and a 16 unit apartment complex with 2 and 3 bedroom units. Depending on the ages and genders of children, Sharon Manor has the capacity to serve up to 24 individuals with 52 children at any one time.


We currently have a wait list at Sharon Manor. Each family hoping for an opening, and in need of the safety, affordable housing, case management, and empowering group support Sharon Manor provides.

If you would like to request an application, please email or call our Sharon Manor Program Manager at (928) 856-2348. The first page of the application must be completed by the referring agency.

Eligibility & Application

Sharon Manor serves survivors and their children who are homeless with a history of domestic violence.


Applicants of Sharon Manor are referred by partner agencies such as shelters, law enforcement, community organizations, school districts, and other social service agencies. Rent at Sharon Manor is based on household income. Families pay 30% of their monthly income towards rent.

If you would like to request an application, please email or call our Sharon Manor Program Manager at (928) 856-2348. The first page of the application must be completed by the referring agency.


We need volunteers to help with our ongoing children's program on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Your time, care, and consistency can make a positive impact on the life of a child. Email Sharon Manor’s Children's Program Coordinator to learn more.


Sharon Manor was constructed on land donated by the City of Flagstaff utilizing HOME funds through the State of Arizona. The apartments were constructed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Our equity partner in this project was JPMorgan Chase. Ongoing funding for Sharon Manor comes from McKinney-Vento Homeless funds, as well as United Way of Northern Arizona, the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff, Forest Highlands Foundation, and many private donors. Sharon Manor is only able to serve survivors of domestic violence because of ongoing generous community support.


Sharon’s Attic Thrift Store benefits Housing Solutions' affordable housing programs, including Sharon Manor. By shopping and donating, you help make Sharon Manor possible. Visit Sharon’s Attic website to view our location and store details:

In addition to financial support, Sharon Manor staff work with over 40 community organizations to meet vital needs of residents while eliminating the unnecessary duplication of community services. We are thankful for the ongoing support these critical services provide to community members.

Our Impact

From June 2019 to July 2020, we were able to serve 41 adults and 43 children at Sharon Manor.


We served an additional 20 adult survivors of domestic violence who had previously lived at Sharon Manor with ongoing support after they successfully moved into permanent housing.

• 23 adult survivors saw improved health.

• 34 adult survivors accessed physical and/or mental health services.

• 21 adult survivors increased their income.

• 37 adult survivors created a household safety plan.

• 38 adult survivors reported they can access community resources.

• 37 adult survivors reported Sharon Manor services helped them to make informed choices.

•25 children survivors improved health while living at Sharon Manor last year.


Julie and Michaels Story 

Julie lived in fear. She had left her husband, taking her two children to the only safe place she had – her mother’s house – after her husband pushed their 5-year-old son Michael into the wall in the middle of a fight. Not only was Julie injured in the fight, but her son fought for his life in the hospital after the push from his father caused a skull fracture.


Although Julie & her children had recovered physically, her husband knew where she was staying. He continued to come by her mother’s house, left threatening phone messages and kept violating the Order of Protection.


Julie was on the waiting list for months, hoping for an opening at Sharon Manor. Her prayers were answered in August when a 3-bedroom apartment opened up and she was able to move in.


At Sharon Manor, Julie participates in case management and helps her son, Michael, with the care that he needs. Now, Julie has safety and support. She doesn’t live in fear. She’s got a full-time job, she’s going to counseling and she’s working with within the legal system to get full custody of her children and to keep them safe. Julie’s life changed when she found Sharon Manor.


Join Us

You can be a part of the solution, helping families build safe, healthy lives. Sharon Manor is made possible through donations from people like you. Plus, your donation is tax-deductible and tax credit eligible. Don't wait, give today.