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Legacy Gift Types

Pathways Commonly Used to Make Legacy Gifts

  • Bequest in a Will or Trust

  • Beneficiary Designation (on retirement assets such as pensions plans and IRA’s, life insurance policies, or bank accounts)

    • You can designate Housing Solutions as a beneficiary by requesting a “Change of Beneficiary” form from your plan administrator and adding Housing Solutions as a beneficiary. This helps you give to an important cause without paying the estate tax or the tax that is charged when individual beneficiaries receive the transferred funds.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Charitable Lead Trust

  • IRA Charitable Rollover

  • Partial or full ownership transfer (with stocks, bonds, or real estate)


Assets Commonly Used for Legacy Gifts

  • Appreciated Assets (real estate, stocks, bonds, and currency)

  • Retirement Assets (pension plans, IRA’s)

  • Life Insurance Policy

  • Tangible Personal Property (for example, a vehicle or boat)

  • Cash

  • Cryptocurrency and NFT

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